10 Bridal Party Entrance Songs for an Epic Arrival

Here is my list of the best 10 Bridal Party Entrance Songs updated for 2018.

Making your grand entrance to your wedding reception can really set the tone for the rest of the night. The right choice of song can make all the difference and get your guests in a good mood. There are usually 2 ways of doing the bridal entrance when it comes to song choice. The first is choosing a single song and then having your DJ turn the volume up loud as each pair in the bridal party walks in then turn the volume down low so the MC can announce the next pair.

Another way I have seen it done, which is a bit more work in the planning and for the DJ but can work a treat is having a separate song for each pair in the bridal party. This works well if there are big personalities within your bridal party and each wants to make their own kind of entrance. The bride and groom can then have their own song as the last couple to enter the wedding reception.

Here are some bridal party entrance songs that I have used in the past that have worked very well.

1 – 24k Magic

2 – I’ve Got A Feeling

3 – Ain’t no mountain high enough

4 – Happy

5 – Celebration – Cool and the Gang

6 – All I Do is Win

7 – Billy Jean

8 – Ice Ice Baby

9 – Best of my love

10 – Dynamite

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