When I got married, I didn’t think much about the gifts I gave my bridesmaids. I was very young, and I was a student at the time and although I wanted to give thoughtful presents to my bridal party, it wasn’t something I prioritised as much as I would now that I am in my 30s. I keep seeing these beautiful gift ideas at weddings, and thought I’d do a quick post to throw some ideas out there and maybe spark some gift ideas for you. I am going to provide some amazon links below to make it easy for you to check out the exact products that I’m talking about. I might get some money from amazon at no extra cost to you if you purchase through my links, and that helps me to continue writing helpful and relevant blog posts for you.

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as a silky dressing robe against your freshly pampered skin while you and your gal-pals are getting for the big day. The thing I like about this gorgeous kimono style robe is that it’s short and it comes in the most regal colours. There’s no stress about what size to get either, because when it comes to robes, bigger is always better!

These earrings are so simple and elegant! There are 2 benefits to pearl stud earrings – they suit women who only wear gold, as well as women who only wear silver; and they are elegant enough to wear on your wedding day, but not so fancy that they will never be worn again! I was gifted a beautiful pair of gold pearl studs as a bridesmaid once, and I wear them to work all the time. They are so timeless and pretty, and I think of my bestie whenever I put them in!

If you’re looking for a traditional gift with practicality, a clutch that your bridesmaid’s can use on the day as well as on other occasions would fit the bill. Even though I am the biggest glitter and sparkle fanatic(!!!!) I actually recommend choosing something very simple for a bridesmaid clutch/gift, focusing on the texture, colour and size over small details. If you stick to something basic but nice, your friends will get more use out of it. You can always sex-it-up with something fancy inside like a sparkly compact mirror or some expensive lippy. Here are a couple of clutches that are great, but it really depends on your taste and budget.

This understated clutch in a neutral colour would suit a wide variety of styles and tastes.

The texture of this clutch adds a little more interest and shine without being over the top sparkly.

This is not what most people would think of if you said ‘picture a wedding clutch’, but it’s simplicity, texture and natural elegance would suit most beach style, garden and rustic style weddings.

Talking about compact mirrors, have you seen this? It’s got an inbuilt, touch sensitive, USB re-chargeable LED soft light. Talk about fancy!

Ok, maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s -when friendship necklaces were probably at their their height…but look! This is adorable. I LOVE this idea!! It would be a fun gift to give your girls at the hens night.

Well that’s all from me, for now. Remember, if you are still stumped for ideas your bridesmaids will likely need shoes…perhaps some sort of coat/cardigan…accessories to wear on the day… and there is no real etiquette in 2019 for who buys dresses, shoes and accessories, not to mention many brides don’t even give bridal party gifts. I think it’s always nice to give something to your friends though, even if it’s small.


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