Take your demo or song Idea and turn it into a fully produced, commercial quality music release, mastered to current loudness standards. You can be an established musician/songwriter, hobby songwriter, bedroom producer or even a complete novice with no musical experience whatsoever. Nat is able to take even the smallest of ideas sung into a smartphone or laptop and re-create them with high quality recorded instruments, virtual instruments, synths and real vocals. You can record your own vocals or Nat can organise a professional session vocalist to sing the track for you. The studio is based in Melbourne, Australia.

You can provide the following as a starting point

  • A song you have recorded or produced at home on your own computer in any program
  • A track you have recorded at a studio but you were not happy with the final mix/master
  • A song idea that you can perform to nat live in the studio
  • A song idea sung into a smartphone or as an audio file + written lyrics

Here are some recent examples of tracks that Nat has produced.



You can email at nat@natpike.com for further details or call 0430179531 in Australia. Price is quoted per job depending on hours required.

Take your demo or song Idea to the next level with the full studio grade treatment. I will create, produce, mix and master your song for a very affordable price.